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Date: May 17-19, 2024            

Hours: Fri May 17th 2pm – 10pm (booths may close at 9 pm)

Sat May 18th 9am – 10pm (booths may close at 9 pm)

Sun May 19th 12pm – 6pm (booths MUST STAY OPEN UNTIL 6pm)


Please see the enclosed map for parking areas. Space will be limited, so we recommend the small lot near Rocco’s Pizza or behind the Faught Administration Building. 

You may close your booth on Friday and Saturday after 9PM if you choose, but you MUST REMAIN OPEN FOR ALL OTHER HOURS INCLUDING SUNDAY UNTIL 6PM. If you start breaking down earlier than these specified times, you will not be asked back for next year’s event.

This is our 66th year of Sucker Days and we are proud to bring such a fun, family friendly event to our community. There will be zero tolerance for any inappropriate language or behavior. Violators will be removed from the premises and not able to retrieve vendor items until Sunday after the event.

Our volunteers will be wearing baby blue shirts that day with the Sucker Days logo on the front and "event team #nixasuckerdays" on the back. They will be your first connection to command the day of the event.

Security will be provided overnight, and the Nixa Police Department will be on site during the event. However, it is your responsibility to ensure all your items are secure and safe while not attended. The Nixa Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for any theft or accidents.

Breakdown Time: You must keep your booth up until Sunday at 6PM. At 6:01PM, you may begin breaking down and lining your vehicles on Glenn St. for load out. The road barriers will not be moved to allow entry onto Main Street until the streets are cleared of all Sucker Day patrons. Please be considerate of other vendors and get your booth loaded and your vehicle off the street in a timely manner. Do not block in other vendor vehicles.

This is a big event with many vendors and multiple elements to manage. We have worked hard to make this as seamless as possible, but with an event this size, there may still be some inconveniences and issues arise. Please be patient and work with us to get these issues resolved.

We are SO GRATEFUL for all of our vendors, and we appreciate you sharing your craft with our community! We look forward to another amazing event and a huge success for all of you!


Please read the 2024 Vendor Rules and Requirements to refresh your memory:



 1. All craft vendors must participate in the jurying process to be considered for a booth space at this festival. The jury committee will be appointed by the Sucker Days Committee, and any decision of the jury is final.

2. Any craft vendor seeking a booth in this festival must submit the attached Application together with all the following items:

a. Non-refundable Jurying Fee of $10 (Note: this fee is per application, not per booth.)

b. Booth Rental Fee: If a vendor must cancel his/her booth space three weeks or less before the festival or the vendor's merchandise is excluded or rejected from the festival after the festival has begun due to misrepresentation of the craft by the vendor or because the craft does not meet the guidelines, monies will be forfeited. Notice of booth space cancelation must be received via email at

c. Photographs of items to be sold in the vendor's booth. The photographs will be used to determine the acceptability of each proposed craft for the festival. All items must be clearly visible and recognizable in the photographs. Items not clearly represented in the application photos may be excluded or rejected from the festival by the Sucker Days Committee at any time, without question. NEW PHOTOS MUST BE SUBMITTED EACH YEAR. Please submit photos and personal information (booth name, contact person, contact information) via the Jury Application. Photos become property of the Sucker Days Committee. We use this step to prevent sale of non-handmade craft items.

d. A simple written description of the crafting process used by the vendor.

3.Sucker Days is a three-day festival. To attract good crowds each day, we ask that crafters have their booths open all three days of the festival. If you do not open your booth all days of the festival (except in cases of inclement weather), you will not have a booth space next year. No commercially produced products, imported products, or products sold through home sales may be displayed or sold at this festival.

4. All clothing and woodcrafts must be handmade. Pre-made, store bought, or market items may not be sold or displayed. All items must be designed and assembled by hand by the booth vendor. Pre-made bushes or arrangements, such as those that come from market, will not be accepted.

5. Each vendor must run his or her own booth personally.

6. The Sucker Days Committee prefers that you demonstrate your craft in your booth, if possible. Such demonstrations generate crowd enthusiasm.

7. No vendor will be permitted to exceed their assigned 10' x 10' booth space. If a vendor uses anything that exceeds beyond the allowed 10' x 10' space, the vendor must rent an additional booth space. No vendor may block any sidewalk or designated walkway.

8. No campers, trailers, car, bicycles, four wheelers, off-road or other vehicles will be allowed on Downtown Main St. or any designated festival areas during the day. All vehicles must be off the street and all designated festival areas by the end of their set up time on Friday and will not be allowed back onto the street until the closing time of 6:01 PM on Sunday.

9. This is an outdoor show held on asphalt, gravel, and grass. Each vendor is responsible for providing his or her own protection from the weather. You may not drive stakes into the asphalt. If you have a tent, it must have weights.

10. You will receive by mail, email, or phone either a confirmation of your acceptance as a vendor or a rejection of your application.

11. If you do not report for your designated load in time on Friday, the next vendor on the waiting list will be assigned the empty space.

12. Booths must be open by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and by noon on Sunday, weather permitting. You are required to pick up all trash and debris from your booth space prior to leaving.

13. Food and home canned or jarred items are not permitted, due to Department of Health and Chamber of Commerce Regulations.

14. For the safety and comfort of our guests and vendors, we do not allow the following items: “poppers” type fireworks, “stink bombs,” “disappearing inks,” “silly string,” squirt guns of any type, certain types of knives, or other products which you may be advised of on Sucker Day.

Sucker Days ‘24 (2).png

Arts, Crafts, and Music Festival

May 17th, 18th & 19th, 2024
Downtown Nixa, MO

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